Sugaring Hair Removal

Say goodbye to painful waxing, stubby hairs and ingrowns by saying HELLO to Sugaring!

Body sugaring hair removal reduces breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dead skin cells. The natural sugar paste made up of Sugar, Lemon and Water is applied with gloved hands against the growth so it seeps inside the follicle and allows hair to slide out comfortably in the natural direction of growth.

Sugaring will help:

  • Eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs
  • Treat all skin colours, hair colours and textures
  • Improve the skin tone and texture with a light and even exfoliation
  • Lead to permanent hair reduction
  • Transition from shaving to hair removal
  • Save the environment as it’s water soluble and edible (you heard right!)
  • Safe on sensitive, itchy, psoriasis or eczema skin types
  • Sabina has over 4 years’ experience leading Australia as the 1st Sugaring Qualified Therapist.

Sugaring will not:

  • Leave a sticky mess
  • Burn, overheat or swell up the skin
  • Damage the follicle walls
  • Break hairs
  • Scar the follicle or surrounding skin
  • Promote cross contamination



  • Eyebrow Design - $20
  • Lip or Chin - $18
  • Side of Face - $18
  • Lip + Chin - $32
  • 3 Areas of Face (select 3) - $50
  • Full Face - $58
  • Underarms - $19
  • Basic Bikini - $28
  • G-String - $45
  • Brazilian (New to the clinic or Seasonal) - $70
  • Brazillian Maintenance (Return within 4 weeks) - $50
  • 1/2 Arm (Forearm and Elbow) - $26
  • Full Arm - $36
  • 1/2 Leg - $45
  • 3/4 Leg - $48
  • Full Leg - $58
  • Tummy or ½ Back - $28


  • GUYbrows - $18
  • Nose or Ears - $10
  • Nose Blackhead Removal and mask - $10
  • Beard Tidy - $15
  • Chest or Stomach - $28
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders - $50
  • Body Hair Electric Trimming - $10 p/area.
  • Other sugaring please enquire within

Please note this is a professional only service.


I’ve never been sugared before, what does it look like?

It looks like a thick toffee mixture, or like molasses. It is moulded onto the skin with a gloved hand by your certified therapist. It is then moulded a few more times to ensure the sugar wraps onto the hair and softens the follicle. Then the sugar is flicked off in the natural direction of growth gliding out the hair with it.

The sugar paste looks like thick honey, it is smooth and pliable when applied, and nothing at all like an exfoliating granular sugar scrub.

Does it hurt as much as waxing?

No, unlike waxing that pulls the hair against the growth, Alexandria Professional Sugaring is a few degrees cooler than your body temperature on application, and then slides the hair out in the natural direction. As we are extracting a hair by its root there is expected to be some form of discomfort but often it is bearable and easy to manage for many levels of tolerances.

I shaved, how long do I need to wait before I can be Sugared?

Between 7 and 14 days, also view the question below for further detail.

How long does my hair have to be?

We know and understand everyone is different. Sugaring can extract quite short hair (about 1.5mm) if the regular appointments are sustained and the skin is well maintained. If you have not had sugaring or waxing in the past 4 weeks 3mm is ideal but no more than 1 cm. If you need to trim the hair but unable to do so, let us know so we can offer you our body hair trimming service.

How Often do I book in?

We would be pleased to discuss (without obligation) a program of treatments to meet your specific needs including our ‘Permanent Reduction Program’. Typically, appointments are scheduled 3 -6 weeks apart, since individual hair growth varies from one person to another.

Your first 3 appointments are the most important.

If you are planning to use Body Sugaring to soften or reduce hair, it is important that your first 3 Sugaring sessions be booked fairly close together. These are your most important bookings as they will quickly reduce the amount of overall hair and soften coarse, stubborn hair. For best results, begin booking your treatments 6 to 9 months prior to the date that you would like to see optimal results, for example a vacation; a wedding date; the summer season. Regular sugaring treatments and home skin maintenance result in a less painful, more thorough removal of hairs, and allows for slower growth of hair which can, in most cases, lead to permanent reduction.

What are the differences between all the bikini services?

  • Basic Bikini - sugar goes right up to the panty line or swimsuit line from the inner thigh.
  • G-String - comes in tighter on the sides and also down off the top. You can go pretty tight with this! There are a few options.
  • LA Bikini - removes all of the hair from the front all the way around the back. Feel free however to leave a little on the top like a landing strip or triangle if you would like.

Does sugaring hurt more when you have your menstrual cycle?

Some women are a little embarrassed about the time of the month - if you feel more sensitive and uncomfortable during this time it is suggested to schedule your appointments around your menstrual cycle. Do what you think is right for your body. It is important to note that not everyone experiences any changes in sensitivity during this time.

Rest assured that we have no issue with these matters and are certainly happy to continue with treatment. Just let us know on arrival of your appointment if you need to use our free sanitation products.

What should i do to prepare for my appointment?

  • 24 hours prior to your appointment, gently exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin. It is recommended that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin without lotions, deodorants or oils.
  • Do not use a razor, depilatory creams or tweezers in between appointments. This will interfere with the refinement and diminishment of your hair growth and your goal to have smooth and healthy skin.
  • Post treatment follow our guide ‘Full Circle of Skin Conditioning’ for optimum hair reduction and smooth healthy skin.

Can you remove facial hair?

We can safely remove all types of facial hair including light blonde hair as well as coarse hairs. The face is one of the most delicate areas for hair extraction, because of the dense amount of vellus (light blonde) hair. With one flick, we could remove about five hundred hairs. Since this type of hair sits on the nerve endings, it may result in a small rash. A patch test at your consultation can be performed if you have had a previous experience like this before or if you have any hesitation. Should a rash occur on your skin we also offer advice and aftercare to manage and treat it carefully. Often, after a few regular treatments any adverse affects like this diminish.

Couldn’t find your question in our sugaring FAQ? Don’t hesitate to contact Stephanie with any questions you might have!