Hands and Feet

  • Nail Tidy and Polish - $30
  • Spa Manicure - $45
  • Spa Pedicure - $35

Medi Foot Peel $45 alone or $25 with any other service

We use a Lactic Acid peel solution and wrap it onto the soles of your feet to soak in. This process breaks down hardened skin and calluses instantly and allows removal of dry skin and cracked heels more effectively. You are left with comfortable, hydrated and smooth heels immediately after the threatment. For deep cracked heels we recommend a follow up treatment 4 weeks later.

Sehllac or Gel Polish - $45

Paints on like polish, sets hard like gel. Protects and allows the nails to grow. Stays on up to 3x longer than traditional varnish. Removes quickly with Acetone Soak for 5 minutes.