Sabina Skin and Beauty

Welcome to Sabina Skin and Beauty!

Have you ever found yourself in a salon wondering if the salon is this busy, will I be taken care of? Can I trust this salon to meet my needs every visit? Will I get the therapist I like?

Sounding familiar?

Some skin enthusiasts see their beauty therapist more than they see their mother, so it is understandable that we do not want to see a different therapist each visit. We want to give our trust to one person who can recall exactly what we need and get a satisfying result every visit. At Sabina Skin and Beauty, there is just one dedicated and committed therapist to take care of all of your skin and hair removal needs.

Located in Rochedale South in the heart of Brisbane’s Southside, Sabina Skin and Beauty provides a great range of indulgent and advanced skin treatments along with hair removal management. Being an exclusive and private home clinic you can be assured your skin is being well looked after and your integrity respected by a professional. Welcome to Sabina Skin and Beauty!

– Stephanie Sabina Graczyk, Owner and Beauty Therapist.

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